Nani Boronat

Nani Boronat (SP)

Thanks to Adrian I found the key. And at a sudden I saw all the pieces spread out, forming a wonderful painting of cubical pieces that covered the surface of the floor, like Mondrian brushstrokes. Mateo and Adrian had been playing for a while now. Their game, the construction of several boats they claimed to be for pirates, was promptly interrupted by another game: the destruction of their boat sculptures by kicking them. The servant who witnessed this performance was even more astonished when he saw the beautiful painting brought to life by the multiple distributed Lego pieces. And it was at that instance, after so many years of questioning my own artistic work, of hidden interests and of questioning all of my pictorial-sculptural productions that had been until that moment almost useless, that I found the key to all my works. To compose in order to decompose, to break in order to generate, to disorder in order to allow destiny to organize new compositions…The best thing is, without any doubt, that the pleasure of destroying and of breaking up the result of so many hours of hard work was really amusing. We surely have to take into account that for children, several hours of hard work only seem to be minutes. However, it was the Big Bang, the final movement of the symphony is just the beginning of the art work. Started outlining vectors upon the stars and drawing the Zodiac signs when the time came, the kick to the Lego pieces given by a certain artist gave birth to the cosmos, the Milky Way, …and in the chaos all the elements rearranged, the balances got balanced and here we are…and all this just because of a kick to a Danish construction toy. Now, when I look at my last paintings I do realize that these kicks are the hinge in the process of management of each painting. It’s a kick to the table that makes our castle of cards collapse leaving the cards organized in accordance with an instigated chaos, some facing up, others facing down, some covering a part of others. All this is for me the starting point of the composition, no more than making a cut of these elements and start working on it. That order created from chaos, that destruction that was meant to be, but of which one was not aware of its progress, that architecture created with these modules , which then, thanks to the kick was transformed into a new, more spiritual architecture, belonging to another dimension. Briefly, this is the way to get deeper into the seductive field of the abstraction.

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